vendredi 6 juillet 2018

New inspirations with the wonderful products of Blue Fern Studios ...

Hello sweeties!
I'm back to share with you my new inspirations.
This month I've used Tattered Walls, Paisley and Vine and Ombré Dream collection.


*Pick me, Love me, Choose me.*
(Tattered Walls )

Blue Fern Studios Products used:

Paper: The Reading Room ( Tattered Wall )
Chipboards: Natural Frame ( just flowers)
Glitters: Burnt Copper
Flowers: Late Winter Lilies
Seedlings: Twig ( brown)
Paprika (orange)
Gold Nugget (gold)


*Dare To Dream*
( Paisley & Vines )

And few details ...

Blue Fern Studios Products used:

Papers: Bohemian

Playing cards
Chipboards: Checker bits
Honeycomb bits
Spring Trinkets
Embossing Powders: Avocado
Morning Sun
Pink Rose
Stamps: Making Plan
Flowers: Fresh Florals
Seedlings: Green Leaf
Laces: Lace 11


*Note To Self*

( Ombré Dream )

Some Close up ...

Blue Fern Studios Products used:

Paper: Shannon's Dream (Ombré Dream)
Chipboards: Harlequin Panel
Embossing Powders: Ivory
Flowers: Attic Charm Daisies
Happy Roses
Seedlings: Harvest ( Orange )
Pink Topaz ( vivid pink)
Gold Nuggets (yellow gold)
Laces: Lace 7B ( White )


Thanks for stopping by!
See you next month with anothers inspirations :)
Tartine xoxo

vendredi 1 juin 2018

Blue Fern Studios, Tattered Walls inspirations...

Hello sweeties!
I'm back to share with you my inspiratons using the new BFS collection '' Tattered Walls ''.
I really love the loo of this one, neutral and polyvalent ...
YOU MUST HAVE this collection! :D


*Move mountain...*

The Chipboard '' CHAIN '' is embossed with TAUPE

Pink lilies from DARK TROPC LILIES.
Whites flower from FRESH FLORALS.
Seedling Maroon and Glitter Gilded Rose in the white flower.

Feathers , birdcage and the bird are stamped with FOR THE BIRD STAMP.
Tag come from the EPHEMERA Kit.

Blue Fern Studios products used

Suite 204
Chipboards: - Love this moment
- Glam Frame
Ephemera Tattered Walls
Embossing Powder: - Snow
- Napa Valley
- Taupe
Glitter: Gilded Rose
Flowers: -Spring Blooms
- Fresh Florals
- Dark Tropic Lilies
Stamps: - For The Bird
- Tattered Newsprint
Seedlings: Maroon
Laces: Lace 7B White
Lace 1


*In The Moment*

The blue flowers in the Spring Blooms kit are so beautiful!!
They have a touch of purple on some petals ... I love!

 LOOK AT THIS COLOR !!! I ADORE the new embossing powder SPARKLING NAVY.
Metallic color with glitter LOVE this so much !

Blue Fern Studios Used:
Paper: - The Reading Room
- Apartment B
Chipboards: - Classic Mini Frames
- A Spring Day
- Embellished  frames
- Shabby Brick Bits
Embossing Powder:  - Azul
-Sparkling Navy
- Snow
Flowers: Spring Blooms
Seedlings: - Lavender
- Aquamarine
- Red Grape
Lace: 11


I hope you have enjoyed my projects.

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a very crafty month!
See you soon ...
Tartine xoxo

vendredi 4 mai 2018

Mixed Media with Blue Fern Studios Products

Hello sweeties!
First, as you see, I'm always on the team! I'm so happy for that!
 I left the team last month because I was afraid of being unable to do 3 layouts
 per months with all the new change in my life ...
Everything arranged, and I'm here this month with 3 projetcs!! Yeahh, I did it!
I don't know if I'll be able to do it every months but I cross my fingers....
Everything's gonna be alright ... One day at a time...

So, let me introduce you my first project of month.
This is a layout, the others two are canvases...


( Remnants, Courtship Lane)

I started with the side B of Highgate paper as a base for my layout. Then, I tore my second paper, Bourbon Ave, and I placed it on my background in order to let see that the center of the first paper.

My Title ''Fly'' is embossed with Lavender Eggs .
the others chipies are embossed with Ivory embossing powder.
At the moment when I designed this layout, BFS was no longer cutting chipboards ...
Happy news!!! They are back!!
Under my picture I placed 3 whole Spring Peony flowers. They are very big, BUT very beautiful!

A piece of lace 5 ( flowers and foliages only ) that I've inked and a
butterfly (from Butterflies Stamp ) stamped on acetate make a beautiful embellishment.

With the petals of Spring Peony I made new flower buds.

From the paper East Plaza ( Courtship Lane ) I cutted a tiny house... She's so cute!
3 Littles flowers cutted in the lace 4


Blue Fern Studios Products used :

Papers: Remnants- Highgate
Courtship Lane- Bourbon Ave
Courtship Lane - East Plaza
Chipboards: - Spread your wings & Fly
Embossing Powders: - Ivory
- Lavender Eggs
Flowers: - Harvest Lilies ( Grey lilies )
- Late Winter Lilies ( Lilac lilies )
- Spring peonie & Berries
Stamps: - Tattered newsprint
- Making Plans
Seedlings: - Sterling Silver


*Enjoy Journey*( In the Mood )

This is my favorite project of the month. I started on the reverse of wooden canvas.
On the background, I stuck a piece of  side B Mellow paper. I used only the center of it.
Then I stamped before gluing pieces of Quilted Page Panel firstly painted with white gesso and partially embossed with Pink Dust embossing powder.
Thereafter, begins the decoration of the canvas.

Several layers ... Starting with the title, Journey is embossed with Ivory embossing powder.
Below the title, a Royal Monarch embossed with two colors : Oatmeal and Pink Dust.
In these two embossing powder we find the same gold shining. Really pretty colors!

I used Lace 10 as a tiny flowers everywhere on my layout. I just added a small bead in the center.
I also used Gold Nugget and Mauve seedlings to add a bling bling style...

The Moody Florals Flowers ... are'nt they lovely?! I used only this flowers everywhere on my layout, like a flowered branch through my deco.


Blue Fern Studios Products used :

Papers: In The Mood - Mellow
Chipboards: - Spirit Of Heartland
- Quilted Page Panel
- Ironworks Accents
- Wanderlust Words ( Journey )
- Royal Monarchs
Embossing Powders: - Pink Dust
- Ivory
- Oatmeal
Flowers: - Moody Florals
Stamps: Tattered Newsprint
- Crackle Textures
Seedlings: - Mauve
- Gold Nugget
Laces: - Lace 10 ( White )


*It's The Little Moments ... *
( In The Mood )

Initially I did'nt want to make this project a canvas, but I had difficulty with the large untouched space. So I decided to cut the top of my paper ( In The Mood, Flirty ) and stick it on a canvas. The two parts are separated by a piece of  white Lace !0.

I really like using quotes on my canvas and the Printed Chipboards of
 the Remnants collection are perfect for that.

A small frame from the Ironworks Accents simply painted. Inside, a piece of book paper embossed with Ginger embossing powder and Remnants Collage Stamp.On my flowers, Spring Lilies and Garden Blooms I added Glass seedlings, like little drops of water.

Firstly embossed in Pixie Dust, I decided to emboss this vintage label with Baby pink embossing powder... I don't know what I did for finish with a red side ... but I find it very pretty! LOL

A close up of Mauve seedling and Tranquil Rose & lilies flowers.


Blue Fern Studios Products Used :

Papers: - In The Mood - Flirty
In The Mood - Attracted
Chipboards: - Remnants Printed Chipboards
- Vintage Labels
- Ironworks Accents
- Mini Flourishes
Embossing Powders: - Pixie Dust
- Baby Pink
- Ginger
Flowers: - Spring Lilies ( Dark Pink )
- Garden Blooms ( Tiny roses )
- Tranquil Roses & Lilies ( Taupe color... sorry discontinued)
- Attic Charm Daisies ( Light Pink )
- Cutted from paper Attracted
: - Tattered Newsprint
- Garden Frolic
- Crackle Textures
- Remnants Collage
Seedlings: -Mauve
- Glass
Laces: - Lace 10


I hope you have enjoyed my projects.
Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a very crafty month !
See you soon !
Tartine xoxo

vendredi 6 avril 2018

Blue Fern Studios April inspirations

Hello my sweet friends!
Today is very sad for me, this is my last day as a designer for Blue Fern Studios.
My life turns to change and priorities too. Don't worries, I feel good, but I have to take care of myself and all my family ... It's just a goodbye, I'll be back ...
So let me share with you my last inspirations.

My first one is:

( Ombré Dreams, Leslie's dream )

I used Sunlight Rose to emboss the foliage chipboard under my photo.

I made this coral flowers by hand, from *Chesterville Floral*, one as simply heated with heat gun and the others are one layer of petal folded on itself.

Morning Sun make a part of my favorite colors of embossing powder.

Blue Fern Studios Products used:
Paper:Ombré Dreams, Leslie's Dream
Embossing Powder:
Morning Sun
Sunlight Rose
Chesterville Florals
Attic Charm Daisies
Making Plan
Vivid Pink
Lace 4
Lace 5
Lace 12


My next one is:

* Do Something Good Today *
( In The Mood, Flirty )

I used white flower from Late Winter Lilie and I inked them with the same color as my background.
 I embossed all my chipboards with Ivory embossing powder.

These wonderful little white flowers are discontinued,
they were from the Vintage Christmas Collection.


Blue Fern Studios Products used:
Remnant Printed Chipboard
Embossing Powder:
Late Winter Lilies
Soft Blossoms
Making Plan
Lace 6
Lace 12


And finally, the last one is:

( Wanderlust, Road Trip )


This layout is the result of a big ink blunder on the first background. In seeking how to recover page, I had the idea of using the small format of the same paper as the background.
Here is the result or my error LOL

These days I have a great need for bright colors.
The blue flowers from Spring Lilies collection are so much PERFECT,
and combined with Summer Breeze embossing powder it's just WOW as effect.

I used Lace 3B to add some black under my first layer.

Butterfly is embossed with Summer Breeze.


Blue Fern Studios Products used:

Wanderlust, Road Trip
Wanderlust, Seascape
Embossing Powder:
Summer Breeze
Spring Lilies
Making Plan
Sterling Silver
Lace 3B
Lace 5
Lace 6


I would like to thanks all of you for all your sweet comments and suport since my first day with BFS and before. I'll miss you all and I'm looking forward to come back!
Remember, it's just a goodbye ...
Big, big hugs!
Tartine xoxo